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Tiktok saver is the best online video downloader tool that allows you to convert and download videos without watermark from tiktok for free and in the best available hd quality.

How to download TikTok videos?

step 1


Open the TikTok video you want to download, click the "Share" button and then click "Copy Link"

step 2

Paste The Tiktok Link

Go back to tiktoksaver.com, Paste the link into the field, Then click "Download"

step 3


Select if you want save the video without or with watermark and click "download" button

Download Tiktok video without watermark

Tiktok video downloader for saving media files anonymously! You can use it for downloading unlimited amounts of highlights along with our tiktok downloader; all you need is a web browser installed in your device. Tiktok is a popular network for capturing video moments. Almost every third owner of the iPhone or Android device has tiktok app installed. After all, everyone has something to show!

The Tiktok app doesn't offer features to save users videos despite all the advantages. The solution is to save tiktok videos and save them on the smartphone or computer, is our tiktok downloader. Many people are interested and ask such questions: 'How to tiktok videos from tiktok?'. Our website offers you such an opportunity: you can download any number from Tiktok!

Download tiktok videos without watermark

Tiktok Video Saver

Tiktok downloader is on duty for helping you to save any clips directly on your device, do not lose any of them. Backup them and return to watching the fun clips when you need them, without loose them.

If you want to save tiktok video, you need to copy the link of the video and paste it in the field on our main page. Then click the 'Download' button. Everything is effortless!

Many video type supported

Tiktoksaver.com supports many video types for downloading. We can help you save tiktok video without watermark or with the watermark.

With our downloader, you can save videos without any limits.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The most common questions while using our website

Is tiktoksaver.com free to use?

Yes, Tiktoksaver.com is a free platform to download videos from tiktok.

Is it necessary to register on your website to download data?

No, You don't need to register/signup to download your favorite videos.

What type of file formats is supported?

Our tiktok downloader supports mp4 with watermark or without watermark.

Is your web tool safe to use?

Yes, Our tool is secure site to download tiktok clips.

Can i Download age-restricted video with your downloader?

Yes, You can save age-restricted clips with our tool.

Can i download the videos to my phone?

Of course, Works perfect.

How many videos can i download?

You can download how many videos you want.